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Helping small businesses adapt to the digital marketplace

and confront the impacts of COVID-19

We are excited to announce that LA Optimized 2.0 program is


Complete our Intake Form below to start your application. Confirm your eligibility here.

Feel free to browse the Accelerator Academy and Resources tabs for information that will help grow your business!

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Businesses must have a current Los Angeles City Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRCT) to apply. Space is limited. Priority is provided to brick and mortar businesses within L.A. City boundaries with an active BTRC prior to  March 2020.


Create or improve your website content and performance. 


Start or grow your social media presence through content creation.


Analyze and optimize your owned, earned, and brand identify. 



Small Businesses to Service


Business Listings Created/Optimized


Businesses Selling Online


Websites Created/Optimized




“We are continuing to open Los Angeles for business by offering more and new resources to help Angelenos be competitive online and new learning opportunities to help Angelenos deepen their knowledge and hone their business skills,” said Mayor Bass. “These resources are part of our ongoing work to make sure small businesses can start, grow and thrive in the city and our recommendations are directly informed by what the business community tells us is needed.”

- Mayor Karen Bass



Examples of ineligible business include, but are not limited to:

  • Business/Owner that has previously applied for this grant program, or has previously received a grant award from this program

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Businesses that were not in operation and were not located in the City of Los Angeles on or prior to March 1, 2020

  • Rideshare businesses

  • Landlords/Schedule E Passive Income

  • Businesses or companies held in trust

  • Businesses that do not have a physical location using P.O. Boxes as a business address

  • Businesses engaged in illegal activities, such as selling drug paraphernalia or operating a motel that permits illegal prostitution

  • Cannabis businesses or businesses that support cannabis businesses

  • Corporate-owned franchises (a corporation is responsible for operations, profit and loss, business decisions and quality control; corporate hires and oversees all store staff)

  • Publicly traded companies

  • Private social clubs that limit the number of memberships for reasons other than capacity

  • Payday loan stores, pawn shops and other firms involved in lending activities, such as banks, finance companies and any other firm whose stock in trade is money

  • Insurance companies, such as life, auto, home, bail bonds and other similar entities

  • Astrology, palm reading, tarot, etc.

  • Liquor stores and smoke shops

  • Night clubs

  • Adult bookstores

  • Businesses and Sole proprietors that provide massage services

  • Businesses that present live performances of a prurient sexual nature and/or derive revenue through the sale of products or services of a prurient sexual nature

  • Gambling businesses (i.e., track waging facilities, casinos, bingo parlors)

  • Trailer-storage yards and junkyards

  • Gun or ammunition stores

  • Multi-sales distribution

  • Firms involved in speculative activities (i.e., day trading, stock market exchange facilitators)

  • Dealers of rare coins and stamps

  • Lobbying firms or businesses that dedicate 50% or more of their time or resources to lobbying activities

  • Churches or other religious organizations

  • Government offices or agencies

  • Real Estate Agent


View L.A. Optimized Accelerator

Academy Archives, a webinar series that provides businesses guidance to market and grow in the digital marketplace. Everyone is welcome to view!  

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Learning Center

Los Angeles City and partners offer many tools to help your business reopen and thrive beyond the pandemic.


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The Accelerator Academy provides businesses e-commerce growth and marketing support through its educational programming with the collaboration of corporate donors, non-profit partners, and subject-matter experts. The Accelerator Academy was made possible in partnership with the University of Southern California (USC) Sol Price School of Public Policy Center for Economic Development. ALL businesses are welcome to view past Accelerator Academy events.

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